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Good things happen when talent and expertise combine. In April of 2003 Heat- Timer Corporation purchased Flotronics Pump Corporation, culminating in nearly a century's worth of steam and hydronic expertise all under one name: HT Pump Specialties.

Flotronics has made several contributions to the steam heating industry since 1968, including the two stage pump, the rotary lobe (dry, positive displacement) vacuum system, and the sectional, cylindrical, cast iron receiver. These and other Flotronics products have become mainstays in the commercial, residential, municipal, and hospital markets.

Flotronics reputation for quality and customer satisfaction has also been unsurpassed -even as it broadened its product offering to include condensate pumps, boiler feed pumps, vacuum pumps, .03 and .005 deaerators, booster packages, and heat transfer packages.

In 1997 Flotronics Incorporated and made the crucial decision to improve its existing product offering by focusing on the development of variable frequency drives, and other energy efficient, user-friendly innovations. All the time, Flotronics continued to provide the same quality products and service.

Raising the Bar On Steam and Hydronic Service

Heat- Timer Corporation, a leader in HVAC controls for over 60 years and a pioneer in steam reset controls, took notice of Flotronics' performance and opted to buy the company, realizing that the combination of their respective control and mechanical expertise would result in the most reliable, energy efficient steam and hydronic systems to hit the market.

Today, HT Pump Specialties is bringing loyal Heat- Timer and Flotronics customers a more comprehensive product offering than ever before. Most important, HT Pump Specialties now embodies two well-seasoned perspectives on steam systems -an area where few suppliers have been able to maintain adequate expertise.

New and existing clients can expect H. T. Pump Specialties to continually raise the bar on performance, service, and reliability of both steam and hydronic systems.

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